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A Chinese website for a project in Taiwan on nanotechnology involving senior secondary students. It reports many latest developments and discoveries on nanotechnology around the world. It also gives a list of Chinese textbooks and reference books on nanotechnology, and a good list of links to other sites on nanoscience and nanotechnology.
A Chinese comprehensive website on nanotechnology. It is at the undergraduate level and is useful for physics teachers.
An education portal that covers topics from the level of elementary school to the undergraduate level. It covers many different topics.
Invsee stands for Interactive nano-visualization in science and engineering education. The visualization gallery in this website provides a lot of useful images for teaching purposes.
A website on nanotech and its impacts on the public. It provides much updated information on nanotech in the USA, and around the world.
The Wikipedia web page for general readers on nanotechnology.
The website, called Nanotechnology Now, provides reports and analyses on the latest developments in nanotechnology.
NanoSense is a project supported by National Science Foundation to promote the learning of science concepts that account for nanoscale phenomena.
Useful links for nanoscience education resources.
The organization aims at providing an collaborative role for facilitation and development of nanoscience education. The website provides news on videos, simulation tools, and other teaching resources on the nanotechnology.
The website provides online education materials and news on material technology.
The website provides free online educational resources for registered members. A lot of online resources, simulations and tools for molecular visualizations are available.
The website provides news and articles on the applications of nanotechnology and other fields of science to the society. Educational opportunities are available.
The website introduces nanotechnology in a heuristic manner, outlining the impacts of nanotechnology on our society and the drastic changes that it may bring about in the future.
Wikipedia webpage on the basic ideas of surface tension.
Wikipedia webpage on Lotus effect.
The website introduces the basics of the Lotus effect. The "video clips" page has several animations.*Aou3bcp*Ck
BASF website that introduces finishing material possessing self-cleaning effects. It also contains animation describing the product.
Besides the Lotus effect, many current technologies get their idea from nature. This website contains information from K12 to postgraduate level on how nature inspires us in our designs. It also provides information on some case studies.
A website of a company that applies Lotus effect on its products. Although the content is not very educational, it provides some examples on commercial products based on the Lotus effect.

Movies of Lotus effect
Wikipedia webpage on TEM.
Wikipedia webpage that introduces electron microscopes. It covers not only the transmission electron microscope, but also other types of electron microscopes such as the very popular scanning electron microscope (SEM).
A section from the Britannica site on microscopes. Unfortunately, it does not contain many pictures.
This is an education website provided by There are also other pages on topics such as scanning tunneling microscope, liquid crystals, and transistors.
This is a website introducing electron microscopes. It contains information on TEM and SEM and is provided by the University of Nebraska.
This is a course webpage from the University of California at San Diego. It is a place where teachers can find more technical details on how TEM works. However, some pictures are missing due to the copyright problem.
A talk presented by Nestor Zaluzec from Argonne National Laboratory. It is a upper-level presentation but contains introductory materials in the first few slides.

Movies of TEM
Wikipedia webpage on STM.
A section in the Britannica website on the scanning tunneling microscope.
The website on STM and the Nobel Prize winners associated with the invention of STM. There is a simulator for STM image.
A very good virtual STM lab from the University of Virginia. It gives information on the operational and experimental aspects of STM.
This is a technical tutorial from the University of Guelph.
This website introduces the basic ideas of STM and gives a simple animation and useful links. It is a famous site on STM.
A pdf document which provides many technical details of STM. It will be useful for those who want to know more about STM.
An online virtual training of scanning probe microscopy.

Movies of STM
Wikipedia webpage on fullerenes and nanotubes. It gives a good introduction with animation and useful links.
Wikipedia webpage on fullerenes.
A highly informative site on nanotubes, with many useful links.
Wikipedia webpage on Euler's formula.
A website which gives examples related to the Euler's formula.
Wikipedia webpage on the social impacts of nanotechnology
Wikipedia webpage on nanomedicine
Wikipedia webpage on the social impacts of toxicity of nanomaterials
An introduction to nanomedicine by the National Institute of Health, USA
An educational website which introduces the social implications and concerns on the use of nanotechnology in a comprehensive manner.
High school level physics on selected topics primarily on mechanics and waves.
This physics educational technology website by University of Colorado provides a lot of newly developed Java-based animations for many general topics in physics education.
The website provides free science fair project ideas, answers and tools in different science areas.
The Physics To Go website provides links to more than 500 websites on various physics topics. It is a good place to look for information and to explore physics.
This Wikibooks website on physics is a good starting point to look for information on numerous physics topics at various levels. It is like an on-line book.
This hyperphysics website from the Georgia State University covers almost all courses of physics at the undergraduate level. It also introduces the connection of physics to other disciplines. It will be a useful site for teachers.
This Google webpage on physics lists a collection of popular physics websites.
A hyper physics book contains many useful numbers and facts.
A website that provides nanoscience education solution online.
A site that briefly introduces what nano-scale, nano-science, nanotechnology are about.
A site that provides links to various useful web-based teaching resources in different universities.

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