Why can't I download the teachers' notes for the activities and the Flash animation? Why can't I post a message on the forum?

First of all, you must apply for a membership of "Physics World" and upload some resources for sharing. Then you will get a username and a password, which are required to access the restricted documents and to post messages in the Discussion forum.


What is "Physics World"?

"Physics World" is a web site dedicated to physics education in Hong Kong. It is jointly developed by the Education and Manpower Bureau and the Department of Physics, The Chinese University of Hong Kong. It was launched in October, 2000. It aims at providing teachers with various kinds of IT physics teaching resources, and a virtual place for sharing teaching experience. This web site on contextual physics can be considered as an extension of "Physics World" to serve physics teachers in Hong Kong. "Physics World" can be accessed from http://www.hk-phy.org.


How can I become a member of "Physics World"?

Any secondary school physics teacher in Hong Kong can become a member of "Physics World". Please visit the Teachers' zone of "Physics World" for the application form and the details of the application procedure.


How can I view the video clips in this website?

You need to install a REAL media player in your computer. You can download it from the website: www.real.com