Cooking Using Electricity  Printable view

In any kitchen in Hong Kong, you will find various cooking appliances. Most utilize electricity for energy. Electricity is clean, convenient and efficient. One can access it by just plugging an electrical appliance into an electric socket. Technological advancements have made way for appliances such as microwave ovens, induction cookers, electronically controlled rice cookers and stewing mugs. Not only do these appliances make cooking more convenient, but they are also designed to save energy.

The Electrical and Mechanical Services Department (EMSD) of HKSAR government has an energy efficiency labelling scheme to inform users that the labelled products have met certain energy efficiency requirements [1]. Many household electrical appliances have been designed and labelled complying with these requirements, including electrical cooking appliances like rice cookers. The label for rice cookers is a recognition type label, informing users that the labelled rice cookers met the energy efficiency and performance requirements [2].

Fig. 1   Electronically controlled rice cookers and induction cookers are two kinds of common electrical cooking appliances available in the department store. Fig. 2   These electronically controlled stewing mugs are ideal appliances for preparing Chinese medicine and stewing food.

The following gives a brief description of these various electrical cooking appliances and their operating principles. You will see some completely different and very innovative ways to convert electrical energy for cooking purposes.