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      NTNU Virtual Physics Laboratory (Chinese version / English version)

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Professor F. K. Hwang (NTNU Taiwan)
      Interactive Physics and Math with Java

Mirror Site in Physics World. Over 20 high quality physics animations

Sergey Kiselev, Tanya Yanovsky-Kiselev
       Visual Basic Animation
Physics animations written in Visual Basic, all files are executable. If neccessary, please download the Visual Basic runtime library VBRUN300.DLL.

Jack Wai-Tsit Wong
       Some mathematical concepts in physics
Introduce the some mathematical concepts frequently used in A-level physics

S.Y. Ma, S.S. Tong (Physics, CUHK)
      Learning how to write Java animations for physics teaching ( 489 k)

Notes on the seminar "Information Technology in the Teaching of Physics"

S.S. Tong (Physics, CUHK)

Thanks to the Education Development Program of HKUST and Mr. H.Y. Yu of the Science Section, Education Department.
      WWW Teaching Materials of A-level Physics

K.M. Chung (Physics, CUHK)

Thanks to the Education Development Program of HKUST and Mr. H.Y. Yu of the Science Section, Education Department.

Images and Videos
      Images for physics teaching
  • Mechanics set 1:
    Photographs and illustrations of experimental apparatus in mechanics, including various kinds of timers, balances, stroboscopes and ticker-tape timers.
  • Mechanics set 2:
    Illustrations of various principles of mechancis and fluid mechanics, including uniformly accelerated motion, resolution of forces, work, pressure, pressure of fluid, and Bernoulli's principle.
  • Heat set 1:
    Illustrations of experimental apparatus for measuring specific heats and verifying the laws of gas.
  • Heat set 2:
    Illustrations of various principles of temperature, heat transfer, kinetic theory of gases, gas laws, and experiments on Brownian motion and specific latent heat.
  • Wave set 1:
    Illustrations of various principles of waves, including interference, diffraction, phase, laws of reflection and refraction etc.
  • Wave set 2:
    Photographs of water waves in a ripple tank, and waves on a CRO.
  • Electromagnetism set 1:
    Photographs of experimental apparatus in electromagnetism, including power supplies, semiconductor devices, oscilloscopes and different kinds of meters.
  • Electromagnetism set 2:
    More photographs of electrical components, including family appliance and displays of CRO
  • Electromagnetism set 3:
    Illustrations of motors, generators, the interactions of currents and magnetic fields, electromagnetic induction and other principles of electromagnetism.
  • Optics set 1:
    Ray diagrams of mirrors and lenses.
  • Optics set 2:
    Photographs of refraction and diffraction phenomena of light.
  • Atomic Physics set 1:
    Illustrations of atoms, decay processes, half-life, chain reaction and Rutherford scattering.

      Video clips of interesting physics experiments

50 video clips produced by the Faculty of Education, CUHK and the Science Section, Education Department

Professor Mak Se-yuen (Faculty of Education, CUHK)

      Video clips of interesting physics experiments

Video clips produced by the Faculty of Education and Department of Physics, CUHK

Professor Mak Se-yuen, Lily Wong, PGDE students (CUHK)

Teaching Notes
       PowerPoint Slides (Form 4-5, English version)
  • Mechanics I   [ Preview | Download ]
    Time, displacements and their measurements, scalars, vectors, and the addition of vectors.
  • Mechanics II   [ Preview | Download ]
    Speed, velocity, acceleration and their graphical representation. Apparatus and techniques for their measurements, elementary equations of kinematics.
  • Mechanics III   [ Preview | Download ]
    Applications of Newton's 1st law and 2nd law, experimental methods in mechanics, friction, addition of forces.
  • Mechanics IV   [ Preview | Download ]
    Applications of Newton's 3rd law, equilibrium of forces, moment, basic principles in statics.
  • Mechanics V   [ Preview | Download ]
    Momentum, impulse, elastic and inelastic collisions, conservation of linear momentum.
  • Mechanics VI   [ Preview | Download ]
    Kinetic energy, potential energy, work, conservation of mechanical energy.
  • Mechanics VII   [ Preview | Download ]
    Mechanical advantages, velocity ratio, efficiency, basic principles of machines.
  • Wave I  [ Preview | Download ]
    The definition of wave, terms on wave, transverse waves, longitudinal waves and stationary waves, etc.
  • Wave II   [ Preview | Download ]
    Ripple tank experiment, wavefronts and rays, wave phenomena: reflection, refraction, diffraction and interference.
  • Wave III   [ Preview | Download ]
    Light and sound: the wave nature of light, electromagnetic wave spectrum, nature of sound, experiment on sound, fundamental note and overtone, etc.
  • Electricity & Magnetism I   [ Preview | Download ]
    Electrostatic, concepts of charge and electric field, various charging methods, electric field patterns, applications and hazards of electrostatic
  • Electricity & Magnetism II   [ Preview | Download ]
    introducting current, potential different and electromotive force, simple circuit diagrams, Ohm's law and resistance
  • Electricity & Magnetism III   [ Preview | Download ]
    power, direct current and alternating current, domestic circuit and safety rules,
  • Electricity & Magnetism IV   [ Preview | Download ]
    Electromagnetism, magnetic poles and field patterns, magnetic effect of current, Fleming left hand rule, applcation of magnetism
  • Electricity & Magnetism V   [ Preview | Download ]
    Electromagnetic induction, Fleming right hand rule and its applications, generator, mutual induction, transformer and electricity in Hong Kong
  • Electricity & Magnetism VI   [ Preview | Download ]
    Electronics, CRO, diode and various electronic divices, logic gates and their applications.
  • Heat I   [ Preview | Download ]
    Heat and internal energy, temperature and its measurement, definition of temperature scales.
  • Heat II   [ Preview | Download ]
    Change of states, latent heat, specific latent heat and its measurement, cooling curves, evaporation.
  • Heat III   [ Preview | Download ]
    Pressure, gas law, experiments and models of gas laws, kinetic theory of gas.
  • Radition Part I  [Preview | Download ]
    Radiation, the nature of radiation, method of detection, the danger of radiation.
  • Radition Part II  [Preview | Download ]
    Rutherford's scattering experiment, terms and definitions in atomic physics, radioactive decay, nuclear fusion and fission.
Mr. W. T. Kwan (St Clare's Girls' School)
       PowerPoint Slides for A-L Practical
  • CRO  [Download ]
    Practical guidelines for CRO.
  • Micrometer  [Download ]
    Practical guidelines for micrometer.
  • Multimeter  [Download ]
    Practical guidelines for multimeter.
  • Vernier Caliper  [Download ]
    Practical guidelines for vernier caliper.
Mr. Lee Lap Chung, Mr. Wong Ming Fai (The Mission Convenant Church Holm Glad College)

Interactive exercises
       Interactive multiple choices

Tryout Materials for New Curriculum
      Under construction

Glossary in Physics

Glossary in physics with brief explanations and pronunciations.

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